Meet the Team

We believe in providing our clients with the best customer service and organizing experience, to support this belief we decided that one of the ways to meet our client’s expectation all of our make the people who interface with our clients onsite, employees. This gives us much greater control over client outcomes and consistency. Please meet the team.

This means that everyone that comes in client contact is insured and all pay taxes.


Megan is our admin. She has a background in administration and helps keep the backend of Your Organizing Consultants humming right along. She may call or send you an email on occasion. Besides the fact that she is amazing at what she does, she has been a professional organizer, so she understands what we do and what our clients need!


 Sherrie is now working with us specifically doing photograph organization! She is a Certified Personal Photo Organizer and has been organizing photos since 2001. She sorts and organizes digital and print photos scan photos even the odd sized ones and make sure that our clients have a good back up systems for their memories. On the creative side, she creates digital and print albums and slideshows. We are thrilled to be able to offer this expertise!