Home Office Management

— Are you overwhelmed with the amount of paper that comes into your home?

— Do you get mail that you have no idea what to do with?

— Do you have piles… in your office, your kitchen, your mudroom or your bedroom?

— Do you run around looking for that “one piece of paper?”organization story

— Do you know where your important documents are located?

— Do you have several properties, businesses, or a more complicated personal life that requires a specialized organizational system?


What we can do for you is:

    • Create customized paper and digital filing systems for your daily life and archives
    • Make it easy for you to locate documents when you need them
    • Unsubscribe you from mailing lists
    • Help you determine what you need to keep, trash, delete and shred
    • Organizing supply recommendations
    • Minimize the time that you spend dealing with a messy, disorganized office
    • Supply you with digital solutions
    • Create a retention schedule
  • Provide scanning support



What you get is:

    • A more pleasurable experience when you deal with paper and digital files
    • A filing system built to meet your needs
    • Less junk mail, more recycling and deleting
    • Knowledge of where all of your documents are and easy accessibility
    • Streamlined system so that you don’t have to hold onto tons of old paper and files
    • Save time by buying the appropriate organizing supplies the first time
  • Resources for digital solutions

There is no paperless society! Any paper that has been eliminated is now digital and it keeps multiplying. It has become more complicated and people are not clear on what they need to keep for the short term and the long term. We take that all away and show you how to more easily manage the files that you need.