Moving, Downsizing & Relocation

— Are you planning to move or downsize soon? Are you looking forward to it?  

— Do you know what will fit into your new home, or what you no longer want to keep?

— Do you know where you can sell and donate what you no longer want to keep? 

— Do you want a team to support and help you through the decision making process?

— Do you want to set up an extra bedroom into a useful space for yourself?

organized kitchen

What we can do for you is:

  • Share our 17 years of expertise and experience so you can focus on what is important to you
  • Help you plan the furniture layout of your new home so that we know what is going with you
  • Pre-move prep and organization so that your home sells faster and for a higher price
  • Plan your move
  • Coordinate shredding, junk hauling and donation pick ups
  • Inventories with as many details as you would like including photos.
  • We will coordinate and supervise your packers, movers and other subcontractors
  • Review options for rightsizing spaces
  • Bring fun to your project because we like to have fun on our jobs!

What you get is:

  • Your house is ready to sell, decluttered, depersonalized and organized
  • A house that is ready to stage
  • Knowledge of what pieces will move with you, be donated or sold
  • Resources for anything you needschedule_now_yourorganizingconsultants
  • Someone else to sweat the details
  • To walk into your new home unpacked and put away
  • Help and support through the process

We will sort, purge and organize your current home, help you determine what furniture you have space for in your new home, develop a floor plan, supervise the movers, unpack and set up your new home without you having to lift a finger. We will be there for you through the entire process.