Photograph Organizing

— Do you have thousands of photos, slides, VCR tapes and memorabilia boxes?

— Do you have photos and movies on your phone, camera or computer?

— Would you like to be able to locate and share that special photo?

— Have you thought about creating books from your vacations or the school year?

— Do you need to put together a slideshow for a special birthday, anniversary or memorial?

photo: dan @ digitial free media

photo: dan @ digital free media

What we can do for you is:

    • Create a filing structure for your paper and digital photos
    • We will organize your paper and digital photos from all of your devices
    • We will scan and digitize your media
    • Create tags so that you can easily locate your photos
    • Work with you to make sure that you have the appropriate back up services to protect your photos and memorabilia from technological breakdowns and other disasters
    • Create photo albums, slideshows and displays
    • Digitize your old tapes into current formats so that you can view them
  • Repair and retouch photos that need it to make them


What you get is:

    • Your photos will be accessible to you, so that you can easily locate them, when you want to find them
    • You will have photo books created for you that you can share with your family
    • Peace of mind that when you open your device to look for a photo, it will be there because it is properly backed up and archived
    • Your photos that were less than perfect are in better condition
  • Customized photo albums or slideshows to share with your friends and family

We will work with you to check off “organize photos” off of your “to do” list! You no longer have to agonize. We have a Certified Personal Photo Organizer on our team to simplify this daunting project for you. Imagine not having to dig around for a photo and having beautiful books to look at.