Renovation Organizing

— Are you planning a renovation?dfp.constructions

— Are you sure you are getting the right plan to meet your needs?

— How are you possibly going to pack, organize and deal with all the things that need to be moved prior to – – during – – and after construction? 

— How are you going to be able to find things in the midst of your renovation chaos?

— Are you moving to a temporary home – – so you will have two moves to deal with – – in addition to the renovation?

What we can do for you is:

    • Review your plans with you to make sure that your organizational needs are being met
    • Go through the things that you need to move
    • Sort, organize and purge these items
    • Pack
    • Label- so that you can easily locate items you may need during your transition
    • Create an inventory- so that you know where to find what you need, if you need something during your renovation
  • Unpack and move you back into your sparkling new space!

What you get is:schedule_now_yourorganizingconsultants

    • A better, more customized renovation
    • Maximization of your budget
    • Set up of your temporary spaces
    • You are only packing, moving and unpacking the things that you want to keep, eliminating the things that don’t spark joy
    • The ability to easily put your hands on that special handbag (especially important when your renovation takes longer than expected)
  • A space that you can walk into and enjoy after we are done

Too many times we are hired by clients after their project is complete. It is very frustrating to see a renovation that someone has spent a lot of effort, time and money on only to see that there are things missing, storage space is not maximized, space is not properly allocated and simple things like the type and size of clothing is not considered. These are some of the things that we have seen. Many times it is too late or too expensive to correct the problem.