A.P. Philadelphia

Lynn, Wayne, PA
June 28, 2015
Sue McNamara
October 31, 2015

A.P. Philadelphia

Thank you so much for sending Sue to work with me. I was a teacher out on sabbatical and was dreading the beginning of the school year. I had no idea what had happened in my classroom or the condition of my paperwork.

Before Sue and I met my files and paperwork were out of control. I didn’t know where to begin and couldn’t imagine what the end results would look like.

Sue and I worked together, she guided me to make decisions as to how we wanted to approach the project and she encouraged me all the way to the point that now I have a functioning file system and I can find my files!

I have gained a sense of calm in my classroom and that will help me greatly as I begin a new school year. The order that we created will really help me as I ease back into a new routine.

I am so pleased and grateful for the kindness and support that Sue showed me through this very difficult process.

AP, Philadelphia