Top Dollar

Getting Top Dollar for Our Clients

When we work with downsizing clients, we are also helping them declutter, as well. That process undoubtedly includes getting rid of unwanted items. Sometimes it’s furniture or artwork, other times it’s old jewelry. These items can sometimes be a hassle to dispose of. Taking the time to research the item and identifying the best possible price isn’t a luxury many people have. Including our clients! That’s where we come in. We have resources available to help our clients through this transition and get top dollar for their unwanted items.

As with any project, we take it one step at a time. We help a client decide what to do with their items. What they want to keep and bring into the next stage of their life. Throwing away broken or destroyed items. Identifying items for donation. And what items they no longer want that they may be able to sell. With a keen eye, we can help clients identify which items would be worthy of selling (and getting top dollar). Many times, our clients don’t even realize the value their items have. Here are a few categories to keep in mind when decluttering:

  • Watches and Jewelry – While the watch may no longer work and the jewelry looks costume, it can still bring in a pretty penny.
  • Decorative Pieces – Lamps or vases may look ordinary to you, but a specialist may be able to identify its worth.
  • Music Instruments – Whether it’s a violin or a trombone, once it’s cleaned up and made new again, top dollar could be there.
  • Old Toys – Toys from years ago aren’t made like they were used to and because of that, their value holds.
  • Sterling Silver – These are pieces that are passed down through the generations and carry memories and can have monetary gain.

How can we help

Organizing comes naturally to many of us in the industry. Eventually, when we chose to become professionals, we took workshops and classes. The same applies for identifying items in your home that could bring you top dollar. In order to remain at the top of our industry, we need to continuously learn how to help our clients. We take additional training to learn how to better serve our clients and have access to a network of others in the industry to connect with. That network includes experts in every category above and even more – auction houses, galleries, stamp collectors…

We love offering our clients our expertise, but what we love even more are the resources we make available for them. If you have a project that you need help with, schedule a call with us. We’ll be glad to help.