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Every client and every project is different. We know we help families get organized, but we especially love hearing how an organized space improved their life.

As professional organizers, we’ve had the opportunity help clients organize every space in their home. To learn more about this service, click here.

More time and energy!

"Thank you so much for your professional work and high level of customer service! You've done an amazing job in our office in such a short time . Now we have more time and energy to focus on our business and less on running it. Much appreciated!"

Nili & Gil

Thank you for the professionalism.

"Having been in a professional field in my past as a senior vice president at Sotheby’s Inc., I watched Anna and her assistants take my wardrobe from my 20,000 square feet house with my walk-in closet that held both my winter and summer clothes, including designer brands such as Carolina Herrera, Armani, Chanel and with her care hanging each item carefully. And I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with her about Garde Robe!"

Center City, Philadelphia, PA

Anna Sicalides helped me tackle a monster task of years and years of paperwork.

"Anna Sicalides helped me tackle a monster task of years and years of paperwork (personal, business and boxes upon boxes of inherited papers that were my parents. It was a painstaking task and Anna helped sort and make sense of things (like a big jigsaw puzzle, she was able to assemble into a logical order). So many papers were obsolete and were taking up so much space. Trust is a HUGE issue for me and she helped with some very sensitive paperwork. The entire process has been liberating. I’m able to tackle newly found ‘stuff’ on my own with Anna’s advice ‘in my head’. She has practical and logical advice and is very hands on. I’d recommend her to anyone. I’d be lost without her this last year.”

Havertown, PA

Cannot tell you how helpful it was to have her here.”

"Anna came over last week and helped me think about where things will be in my new office and used blue painting tape to mark off the dimensions of the proposed furniture. I placed everything and cannot tell you how helpful it was to have her here. She took a look at all of my mess. I explained that I get scattered sometimes and she made suggestions based on all of these things about how the office should be set up for me to work efficiently.”

West Chester, PA

Anna's team of organizers has excellent advice and resources.

“Anna is so easy to work with! Her pleasant manner, sense of humor, and balanced sensitive responsiveness to my needs with encouragement made all the difference. In addition to the valuable help she provided in the time we spent together, Anna's team of organizers has excellent advice and resources, especially regarding where to pass on possessions that we no longer were able to keep. She provided referrals for donating and selling a wide range of possessions, as well as for home repairs, and she contributed her judgment and experience to advising us regarding the multiple decisions involved in our project.”

Wynnewood, PA

Never in my wildest dreams...

"Thank you so much for your help. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the organizing would be so quick and so efficient with no effort on my part. You did an absolutely wonderful job and your recommendation of an Auctioneer was perfect. I will recommend you to anyone that I hear is moving or is needing of your help. To tell the truth, I didn’t even know where to start and you got it all done for me!!!”

Wayne, PA

Organizing Clarity...

"I find your work endlessly fascinating because organizing has so many applications. The very word suggests limitless possibilities not just in the realm of organizing people or things, but for making meaning: to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole."

Berwyn, PA

The weight has been lifted.

"I first met Anna through a client of mine, that she was also working for. I knew she was exactly what I needed. She has helped me sort through mountains of paper, organize pictures, books… You name it and she has done it! I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders by eliminating chaos. I would highly recommend her. She is personable, trustworthy and very organized.”

Pennington, NJ

I explained what I wanted and she delivered.

"Anna helped me with bathroom, basement, closet organization and I loved that I could explain what I wanted, go out, run errands, and come back to be totally amazed at not only what had been achieved on a daily basis, but, the creative solutions were fascinating. Anna also packed up all the trash and took away all the donations.”

West Chester, PA

I am no longer overwhelmed.

"Working with Anna was very helpful. We worked on a home organization project to accommodate my new business. Seeing my trouble spots with new vision helped me a great deal. I am no longer overwhelmed by my environment.”

Broomall, PA

One of our favorite projects is creating an inventory for a client. To learn more about how we can create an inventory for you, click here.

"I retained Your Organizing Consultants to organize my wine cellar which was in a deplorable state. I had lost track of where individual wines were located in the cellar. Anna and her team organized the entire cellar using bar code technology and CellarTracker software. The work was delivered on time, on spec, and on budget. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I recommend her highly."

King of Prussia, PA

"Hi Anna! Just wanted to say thanks for the great work on the wine cellar.  I will attempt to maintain it properly. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts you'll probably have to return at some point."

Media, PA

Whether you’re moving across the street or around the world, we want you to feel supported. Learn how we can support you here.

You lessened my anxity and helped me more than you know!

"Starting with the biggest move. My home of 25 years was sold quickly and I was at a loss as to how I would be able to downsize from a 6000 plus home to a 2000 ft townhouse. The thing about Anna is the way she has the capacity to remain calm and optimistic while I did the opposite. Her team is the same. They ask what I need and then they do it. They do it well and will not stop until the job is completed. For anyone who is in need of getting your home organized or preparing for a move, give yourself the chance to lessen your anxiety and watch Anna and her team do their magic."

Barbara Quinn

Went above and beyond!

"I would highly recommend Anna and Your Organizing Consultants! I had a house for sale (that was an estate sale) and they were very instrumental in working with our schedule to get to closing on time. She coordinated the sale and removal of many personal belongings within the property, and was in close communication with the sellers, who were out of state. She worked diligently with us and has many resources to keep everything on track and to meet the settlement deadline. Anna went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

Lee Ann Embrey, Coldwell Banker

True professional!

"Anna is a true professional in a very difficult profession. Very caring. If you have elderly parents, she the professional to call."


She was excellent!

"I recently moved into a new townhouse and found I was perplexed by the size and shape of my new closet! I called Anna and she was excellent! She helped me conceptualize how to organize my small closet so it made sense and was efficient! It is not only beautiful it works better than my large closet at my previous home! Thanks Anna so much for your time and expertise!!!"


Helped make the home preparation process seamless!

"Anna and her team were wonderful to work with. We partner on a project to help an out of town seller empty many items from their home, pack up items that were part of the move and organize the items left in the home during showings. Anna was very knowledgable and great communicator. Anna helped make the home preparation process seamless."

Melanie Fritz, Compass

Has the right touch with people...

"One of the most important functions of a good real estate agent is having a a list of the top service providers for the many things home buyers and sellers need during the process. Anna and her company have made me look good by making my clients extremely happy with what she accomplished for them. She has the right touch with helping people make those tough decisions about letting go of things and downsizing without stress."

Linda Walters, Duffy Real Estate

Helped us get camera ready!

"The client had a great market response to their listing. You had a big part in getting the condo camera ready. Thanks for all of your hard work."


Less stress and so much reassurance.

"All in all, your team took so much stress from me with reassurance, working side by side in my house and getting so many things to storage and our new home. I can’t thank you enough. Please know that you will always find me your friend!"

Malvern, PA

She saved my life!

"In the midst midst of working many hours and planning a trip to Germany, I found myself with no time to organize my new condominium as I had just moved. A friend of mine recommended Anna Sicalides, and honestly, she saved my life! I came home after my trip to Germany to a manicured, organized, clean and beautiful condominium and the compliments have not stopped yet! I could not have done this without the services of The Organizing Consultant and have been recommending her as a professional organizer ever since. I also plan to use her in the future for any organizing needs that I have; I plan to keep her in my address book for a very long time.”

Wynnewood, PA

What a transformation!

"My client was so thrilled to work with Anna and her organizing team. As a Realtor, I am always looking forward to helping my clients make the right decisions when selling their home. I referred Your Organizing Consultants to a client who was lovely, but a total disorganized mess. I had them go in prior to listing the home and was shocked by what a difference it made. The closets, cabinets, basement were all organized and all the unnecessary clutter were packed and put away. What a transformation. I was surprised by what a huge impact all of the organizing did in their home. Not to mention the house sold in a matter of days verses months. My clients were even commenting on how great it was to come home to such an organized and efficient home. It made moving easier! You have two very satisfied clients, thank you!"

Sue McNamara, Long & Foster
Devon, PA

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – It’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” – Peter Walsh