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Can you organize your home by yourself? Yes, of course. But working with a Professional Organizer gets your job done faster and with less stress. Plus, we can visualize a space differently since we don’t live there every day. We are busy moms and wives too. We get it. To save time, we utilize our tested systems and favorite products. The ones we love! We treat every project like it’s for a friend. We’ll laugh (and, sometimes, cry) with you, but we will always respect your home, your things, and your privacy.

Before founding “The Organizing Consultant” in 2002, Anna used her organizational skills in many positions she held in store management, operations and buying. She created efficient workplaces, supervised large projects, managed store openings, events and renovations, created and maintained budgets, and trained customer service associates.

In 2015, Anna’s business was growing, and she added several associates to serve more families. Each associate trains with Anna and learns her successful methods. Plus, they bring their unique areas of expertise to specialized projects.

Using open, friendly communication, we’ll collaborate with you to find the best systems for you and be there to tweak things over time. We’re your organizational support team!

Digital Organizer

Nancy is our digital organizing expert and helps clients navigate their digital lives. She sets-up systems to organize and manage their files. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and brings over 20 years in technology education for adults.

Photo Organizer

Sherrie is an expert in organizing, digitizing, and archiving photos and memorabilia with 20+ years of experience. She is a Certified Photo Organizer with a degree in Journalism and English. When she isn’t organizing, you’ll find Sherrie gardening, hiking, or surrounded by yarn and fabric.


Prior to becoming a professional organizer, Libby worked in an executive support role. The transition was a natural shift from organizing busy office life to calming the chaos of busy home life. Libby has a unique ability to capture both functionality and design in her organizing skills. Libby enjoys being welcomed into client's worlds and assisting in creating a measurable and motivating impact on her client's projects. From complex move management to decluttering areas of the home, Libby's ``all in`` attitude makes her clients return to her over and over again for guidance.


Leila’s passion for organizing and making a difference in people's lives started when she was young. Being part of a large family, she has always had an interest in keeping things neat and tidy. Leila earned a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from High Point University, and began taking on projects that would help her challenge and develop her skills. Before turning to the world of professional organizing, Leila was an event planner and administrative assistant, where she supported many individuals with streamlining their business objectives and improving their time management. She believes that staying organized is the key to enjoying life and a peaceful home!


Jenn is a the glue that holds everything together for small businesses like Your Organizing Consultants. Before working in the admin and assistant space, Jenn had many years working in the corporate world. There she strengthened her natural-born skills surrounding time management, prioritizing of tasks, copywriting, marketing and organization. On a typical work day, you can find Jenn at her desk sipping a salted caramel latte while working on the days tasks. On off days, you can find her playing with her two dogs or making the next set of travel plans with her husband.

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Anna is a leader in professional organizing. She is a Professional Organizer and is an active member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the National Association of Specialty Move Managers. She has served on several industry panels and appears in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Today, Suburban Life, Savvy Main Line, Radnor Patch, and is the co-author of Get Organized Today.

In 2007 Anna became one of the world’s first Certified Professional Organizers®, the first in Eastern Pennsylvania. In 2011, she was a consultant with a major manufacturer of organizing products on a product development panel. Anna was appointed to the 2013 NAPO Nominating Committee, selecting the future leaders of the industry. In 2011 and 2018 Anna has served on two NAPO Membership Task Forces planning the future of the organizing industry and her professional association.

Anna's team of organizers has excellent advice and resources

“Anna is so easy to work with! Her pleasant manner, sense of humor, and balanced sensitive responsiveness to my needs with encouragement made all the difference. In addition to the valuable help she provided in the time we spent together, Anna's team of organizers has excellent advice and resources, especially regarding where to pass on possessions that we no longer were able to keep. She provided referrals for donating and selling a wide range of possessions, as well as for home repairs, and she contributed her judgment and experience to advising us regarding the multiple decisions involved in our project.”

Wynnewood, PA

I couldn't have done this myself

"Thank you so much for your help. I could have never done this myself, now I need a vacation! Your staff is so wonderful, they are calm, focused and organized. They gave me some great solutions.”

Ardmore, PA

You have angels on your team

“Hi Anna, I just wanted to say that you have angels on your team. Thank you for sending them to me. They are beyond awesome! We worked our butts off (especially them). I am so happy tonight.”

Devon, PA

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” – Marie Kondo