two women sorting clothing

Oops! Did I do that?

Every little blunder has a silver lining!

IMG_1137-300x225I admit it – I’m only human. While helping a client sort through her garage items mistakenly, a family keepsake was put in the “donate” pile. It was a recycling bin filled with trash. What I didn’t realize was that it was a recycling bin from England, and was special to them. Once this was pointed out, I called Impact Thrift, the organization that had picked up our donations, and described the item. To everyone’s amazement, it was found in their large warehouse and returned to my client.

The upside of this experience was that I got to tour Impact Thrift’s warehouse and learn more about this amazing non-profit. Their primary mission is to financially support local charities through the net proceeds generated by the thrift store operations. You can find a complete list of the charities they support on their website. You will also find ways to volunteer, donate, shop, and fun ways to re-purpose used items.

Enjoy your summer –
and don’t forget to look for silver linings along the way!