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Organizing for the “Non-Traditional” Family

Blended Family / Elderly Parents Moving In

  • Create a family calendar. Also, include a copy for visiting children, so they know their schedule ahead of time (save the schedule for visitation records).
  • Create a binder to travel with the child to keep parents in communication about behavior, school, trips, concerts, meds, copy of medical records, etc…
  • Designate personal space for each member of the family. Even if the space is small, it can help create a sense of belonging and permanent storage within the family.
  • Treat all kids the same in the family and not as a guest. That means everyone in the family makes their beds, cleans-up behind themselves, does chores, etc…
  • Create a family outing or activity list with everyone’s input so everyone feels included.
  • When two families or people are joining together: Everyone de-clutters, sorts, and organizes to make room. This creates a new space for everyone including those who were already living there.
  • Have multiples of toothbrushes, p.j’s, medicines, and everyday products…to make it feel less like a vacation or trip for the child and more like “home.”
  • Ask all the family members to write down the foods they like and create a dinner calendar to include everyone’s favorite dinner.