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Those Pesky College Kids!

Those Pesky College Kids!
Radnor Patch
By Anna Sicalides
May 23, 2011

They are all moving back in for the summer, but of course your house is just a landing pad. It’s that time of year once again, when all of the darlings come home from college.

They bring all of their stuff with them and deposit it at your house. One of my client’s kids dropped their stuff off, and left it by the entrance of the house, under the pool table, microwave and all!

Your beautiful home becomes the base for all of the summer activity. Remember you were looking forward to having them home again.

How about when they bring their college pets home with them? And you end up having to take care of them.

They go to the shore for the weekend, drop off their bags, pack another bag and are off to somewhere else. This continues all summer and you end up with their detritus around your house. Did you ever notice that they bring home twice as much as they took with them?

What to do?

  • Create a spot so that when it all starts coming through the door- it has a place to go- basement, garage, attic, their room anywhere but your living space.
  • Dirty, smelly laundry goes to the laundry room.
  • Have them leave what they can at school. Fraternity and sorority houses are good options school have various options.
  • There are storage units near many of the campuses that have temporary rates- this is a great way to keep this stuff out of your house. They can even share with a friend.
  • Make sure that at some point they look at it before they go back, the last thing you want is to store their stuff…that no longer want, or to be dragging stuff back and forth for no reason.

Hopefully some of these tips will make managing the return from college a little easier!