A quick closet makeover

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Organizing Strategies | Preparing for a move during COVID-19
May 11, 2020

A quick closet makeover

image of a closet shelf with the blog title a "quick" closet makeover

When we say quick makeover, we mean it. Watch Anna breakdown a closet and create a functional (and accessible) closet space. Wondering what steps she took to get it done? Check out the five steps she used below… 

  1. Pull out everything in the closet. Yes, we mean everything.
  2. Wipe down shelves and make sure all your hardware is secure.
  3. Identify any new equipment you might need. We used shelf dividers and small boxes (for those little things).
  4. Sort your items by type and pull out things that don’t fit, are torn or soiled or you no longer need. Set them aside for donation.
  5. Fold and put away.

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