Back to school basics

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July 28, 2019
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Back to school basics

With school starting, I know that you moms are thrilled that finally, you’ll get some peace and quiet. The lazy days of summer are winding down and it’s time to shift and focus back to a routine. Kids thrive when they have the structure of the school year, so apply those same boundaries at home. I’m excited to share some different ways you can get back on track so your transition into the new school year is smooth and simplified.

  • Bedtime: Start getting the sleep schedule closer to the school schedule.  Go to bed 10 or 15 minutes earlier each day depending on how much time your kids (and you) need to adjust.

  • Supplies: One thing I notice in every client’s homes is an abundance of school supplies. It seems that many of the things on the school list come back at the end of the year unused. Shop from your home before you head out to Staples or log onto Amazon.
  • Clothes: As far clothes shopping goes, they’re going to be wearing the same clothes in September that they were wearing in May or June, so unless they’ve grown out of their clothes, go with the minimal approach of buying one or two outfits, new shoes or sneakers. Save yourself the time, rather than spending hours shopping. This is where uniforms can be handy!
  • Routine: Try to keep the family schedule open for the first couple of weeks of school. This way you’ll have the flexiblity to adjust without having to do a lot of rescheduling. Create some cushion time for the unplanned or unanticipated, because you know it will happen.

  • Time Management: Set up an hour of time to do some strategizing for the new year. This is intentional time for you to review, assess and plan for the new year. We like to think of this time sort of like “groundhog day.” Assessing what went well last year, what didn’t go well will help you come up with an appropriate solution for this new year.
  • Schedules: As soon as you get your schedule put everything on your calendar sports events, extracurricular activities, music lessons, etc. Next, share that calendar with everybody who needs to know: your spouse, nanny, grandparents, family members and babysitters, this way you won’t have to share the information on an as-needed basis. Any digital sharable calendar will do. If there is a crisis they can just check the calendar.
  • Ramp up a backup plan: Have your backup systems ready to go so when the unexpected comes up it’s easier for you to adjust. Let everyone know who’s involved in your back up plans know what to expect and confirm they have access to the important information they need like: calendars, doctors phone numbers and addresses, and garage codes are a couple of things that come to mind.
  • Stock the pantry: If your kids take lunch to school get your pantry “lunch” ready. Making one section of your pantry or a specific cabinet the go-to spot for everything needed to prepare lunch will simplify the process. Things like snacks, containers, napkins, drinks, etc., all in the same place. It also makes the restocking process easier.
  • Paperwork System: Remember to create a space for all the new papers that will be coming in for you to review. A place where kids can put anything you need to sign or read. You can color-code by the child or create different sections for different things.
  • Prepare the entryway: Prepare the mudroom or entryway for the new year. Make sure you have that designated space for backpacks,  sports equipment, library books, and musical instruments. Forgotten items can definitely ruin someone’s day.
  • I’m certain the kids are as ready for the new school year as much as you are and starting the year off on the right foot can be essential (for everyone).

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