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Be Kind to Yourself by Doing One Thing!

fdp - woman on phoneMaking a phone call can change it all!

Recently, a client called me who had been on leave from her job for several months. She was getting ready to head back to work, and there were certain projects that hadn’t been finished during her time off. She called me to help finish those projects, and get the mess off her dining room table.

I did an intake evaluation over the phone, and decided which one of my organizers would be best suited to help her with her those specific projects. We all met together on the first appointment to discuss how we were going accomplish her list of projects. My organizer, then worked with the client for three hours. In that time, they were able to go through the unfinished projects, get them organized to a point where the client felt good about moving forward. During the appointment, the client stress level reduced immensely, and she was better prepared for her return to work. When she went back to work, she had peace of mind that these things she wanted to get done were done, and her dining room table was clear.

When we have projects that are unfinished. Especially when we see it all the time (like on our dining room table), it can create tremendous anxiety. We expect that we can do it all, and when we can’t. Many times we resort to being less than kind to ourselves. When we realize that getting something done, off the list, and off the dining room table… it can make a huge difference. All we need to do is take action…rather simple isn’t it?

Knowing what kind of action to take becomes the sticking point. Imagine this… I know from personal experience… all it takes is a conversation with the right person, or a phone call and voila, we are unstuck and our problem is 80% resolved!

The last 20% happens when the plan comes together!

So stop stressing and make that move to get unstuck TODAY!