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Create the Perfect Guest Space | Make Your Guests Feel Special

hotel-room-1261900_1920Are you having guests during the coming holidays? Do you want them to have a memorable experience? Think about being a guest in someone’s home overnight; when you felt pampered and didn’t want to leave! What made that visit so special?

I have two friends that are exceptional hosts. I love being their guest and this a couple of reasons is why, besides their amazing company:

  • Their guest room has nice linens (they didn’t have to be super fancy, but clean and soft).
  • The bed was comfortable – at least as comfy as mine at home and the pillows were nice. They were down and polyfill which felt soft and smelled yummy.

Some hosts give up the better rooms in the house to their guests to make their stay more comfortable (my sister does this)!  You too can make your guest stay memorable. Here are some special touches that will provide a stellar guest experience at your home.

In General:

  • Please declutter the room and closet. Your guests shouldn’t have to clear spaces to make themselves comfortable
  • Depending on the season, you may want to keep a fan or a small heater in the closet for your guests to use
  • A set of towels in the guest room, should your guest need to share the bathroom (which my guests need to share)
  • A few essentials: waste basket, box of tissues and wi-fi passwords

For the Bed:

  • Clean, soft linens for a restful night sleep, consider running the dryer with a lavender sachet
  • A comfortable mattress is always nice or add a thick mattress cover memory foam pad
  • Appropriate blankets for your home and/or the season, plus an extra one just in case. This way they won’t have to ask you for one!
  • Nice pillows, at least four for a queen size bed – consider down and polyfill, medium and firm pillows. Options are nice, don’t throw your old nasty pillows in the guest room.

hotel-1330831_1920In the Room:

  • A bedside table
  • A lamp with a 3 way light so your guests can regulate if they want a bright or a dimmer light
  • A water carafe with a glass or bottled water
  • Accessible outlets or a power strip
  • Books or magazines. I like to leave short stories and poetry for guests

The Extras:

  • a TV with channel line up
  • If you have a subscription service, such as Netflix, Apple TV or Amazon Prime; let your guests how to access those services
  • Night lights are nice – I always take one to a hotel so that I don’t have to turn on blazing bathroom lights in the middle of the night
  • A luggage rack is a nice touch for people who keep their clothing in their suitcase
  • Some space in a dresser and the closet are important for those who prefer taking their clothes out of their luggage. You can line the drawers with scented paper and make sure that you have some nice hangers
  • A spot by the door where your guests can drop their keys, handbags, sunglasses etc
  • Itineraries for planned events, a list places to visit while they are with you and a map
  • A coffee maker and a mini fridge is a nice touch if you have that kind of space
  • A  comfortable chair for reading
  • Flowers are always appreciated, one of my hosts put a rosemary sprig in a vase, simple

lavender-products-616444_1920The Bathroom: 

  • This is a great place for those hotel shampoos, conditioners, lotions, toothpaste, mouthwash and extra toothbrushes, that you collect in your travels
  • Extra toilet paper
  • A plush robe- no one has extra room in their luggage for robes
  • Space for your guests toiletries, especially if your guests are sharing a bathroom
  • Advil or Tylenol, band aids, something to settle stomachs, this way they don’t need to ask

Share the treats that make coming to your house fun and things that others have done to make your visit as a guest special! If you need assistance with the details, let us know, we are happy to help set up your guest room! Contact us today!