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Snow One Day…70° the Next…Start Flipping Now!

Now that we’re heading into a new wardrobe season, everyone is thinking about flipping their closets (aren’t they?). closetDepending on space limitations, people often will choose one of these options to store their seasonal clothing:

  1. Use a separate closet/space
  2. Use the back, or out of the way spot in their main closet
  3. Pack up clothing in totes and store elsewhere
  4. Send clothing to the cleaners until the next season

Regardless of your choice, it’s important to consider a few things when “flipping” your closet:

  • Inspect… clothing for spots, tears, broken zippers. Choose to repair or remove them from your closet for good. Spots are difficult to remove after being in storage, address them now.
  • Timing… You can start storing things you won’t be needing early, things like heavy sweaters and coats can be moved to storage in early spring; while bathing suits and light linen items can be stored in early fall.
  • Review… your clothes carefully and critically. If they don’t fit well or if you don’t like them, ask “why are we handling, storing and moving them?” If the tags are still on them and they haven’t been worn, that merits questioning as well.
  • Storage… If you need to store clothing in plastic bins, that is ok. Folding items neatly saves space and they will look better when you take them out again (think about a twisted ball of clothing, ugghh). Store plastic bins in a dry place, and always use silica packets. If there is wool in the bin use a lavender product to prevent moths.

Specialty Items:

  • All wool should be dry cleaned (unless you like finding moth holes in your clothing). When you bring clothes home from the cleaners take the plastic off, you want your clothes to breathe, right?
  • Boots, shoes, belts and handbags should get checked before storing- a good shoemaker can make needed repairs, clean and polish them, so they look new and fresh next season.

Things to think about:

  • There is a lot of conversation about capsule wardrobes that may be a worthwhile option for many people. This would be a good time to start to address this if it the way you want to go.
  • The more clothes you have the more time, space and money you will invest in managing and caring for them.

Favorite Storage Products: