[Organize It All Series] Part II: Photos & Memorabilia

[Organizing It All Series] Part I: Managing + Preventing Clutter
June 1, 2015
[Organizing It All Series] Part III: Getting Rid of Clutter
June 19, 2015

[Organize It All Series] Part II: Photos & Memorabilia

This is the second of a five part series of posts on “Organizing It All!” Here, I will provide you with some useful tips and suggestions on how to deal with specific spaces in your home, managing and preventing clutter, and most of all… getting rid of it. Sometimes you need just a quick fix or an easy tip to get things going…If you missed out on previous posts you can find Part I here on our blog… Enjoy.

PART TWO: Photos and Memorabilia. Photos and memorabilia can be very difficult to decide what is important enough to keep and what you should get rid of. Most of the time we feel guilty if we get rid of something that is sentimental. Here are some great ways to navigate those decisions:

  • Sentimental things can be more challenging than day to day clutter- Take pictures of specific items and make a photo book to capture the memories or events, rather than keep all the mementos. A nice book of your Matchbox car collection, priceless!
  • Photographs– throw out the duplicates, anything out of focus, people who you don’t know or like, scenery- pick the best shots, the Eiffel Tower- you don’t need those. photos unless it is a super special shot- you can always get one from the internet
  • Cards– only keep the ones that have real meaning. My example is cards from my mother that say Love, Mom, go in the trash, anything that says that I am the best daughter in the whole wide world gets kept.
  • Kids art– only keep what really speaks to your child’s personality, the best of the best. You do your kids no favors by keeping everything, they usually don’t want it when they get older. I see this constantly. I recommend to my clients to keep the best things that their kids write that really speak to who they are. A report on the revolutionary war maybe not, poems maybe.
  • Vacation Souvenirs– photograph those items and put them into books from your trips along with  your photos, think…scrapbook.
  • A good rule is to remember that memorabilia that brings up negative thoughts or events should not be kept. Why do that to yourself?

Part three will address Getting Rid of Clutter

photo credit goes to mike73 at morguefiles dot com

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