a drawer stuffed with paper

[Organizing It All Series] Part V: Paper Management

paper pile_downloadThis is the final part of a five part series of posts on “Organizing It All!” Over the last several months, I have provided you with some useful tips and suggestions on how to deal with specific spaces in your home, managing and preventing clutter, and most of all… getting rid of it. Sometimes you need just a quick fix or an easy tip to get things going…If you missed out on previous posts you can find the entire series here.

PART FIVE: Paper Management. Paper is something everyone has to deal with. We get it in the mail, we print it off our computer and sometimes, it gets passed down to us. Believe it or not, there was a time when deciding to keep paper wasn’t an option. However, now there are lots of ways to simplify and reduce paper clutter. Here are some easy tips and helpful reminders to consider when managing your paper:

  • Use this as a general guide for keeping paper. If you can get the information elsewhere you no longer need to keep the paper. Preventing it from coming into your home in the first place helps make paper more manageable.
  • Product Manuals can be recycled. The manufacturer’s website has all the information. You can download or bookmark rather than save.
  • Phone books are no longer important for many reasons including the fact that many people no longer have land lines, so they are not listed in the phone book.
  • If you have enough office supplies to last the rest of your life- Donate, so many schools and organizations can use them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting organized. Even if you choose just one new strategy, that’s one step in the right direction.