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Senior Move-In

This client transitioned from a large home into a senior living community. She loved her house, so we wanted to duplicate it as much as possible in her new space. However, there were many items that she wouldn’t have room for in her new apartment.

She helped select her favorite items. Then, we made sure those pieces were visible and accessible to her immediately when she moved in.

She saved my life!

"In the midst midst of working many hours and planning a trip to Germany, I found myself with no time to organize my new condominium as I had just moved. A friend of mine recommended Anna Sicalides, and honestly, she saved my life! I came home after my trip to Germany to a manicured, organized, clean and beautiful condominium and the compliments have not stopped yet! I could not have done this without the services of The Organizing Consultant and have been recommending her as a professional organizer ever since. I also plan to use her in the future for any organizing needs that I have; I plan to keep her in my address book for a very long time.”

Wynnewood, PA

“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” – Martha Stewart