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Senior Move-In

This client transitioned from a large home into a senior living community. She loved her house, so we wanted to duplicate it as much as possible in her new space. However, there were many items that she wouldn’t have room for in her new apartment.

She helped select her favorite items. Then, we made sure those pieces were visible and accessible to her immediately when she moved in.

You lessened my anxity and helped me more than you know!

"Starting with the biggest move. My home of 25 years was sold quickly and I was at a loss as to how I would be able to downsize from a 6000 plus home to a 2000 ft townhouse. The thing about Anna is the way she has the capacity to remain calm and optimistic while I did the opposite. Her team is the same. They ask what I need and then they do it. They do it well and will not stop until the job is completed. For anyone who is in need of getting your home organized or preparing for a move, give yourself the chance to lessen your anxiety and watch Anna and her team do their magic."

Barbara Quinn

“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” – Martha Stewart