someone holding a blackberry phone with a post it that says what do you want for 2016?

Rockin’ It In 2016…

pix.bestdealOk STOP, with all of the emails about yet another magical diet, joining another gym challenge, all this change my life stuff…that I am getting every day!

I feel inadequate already!

What do you want to do this year?

I am going to publicly share some of the things I want to do. This is my “want to do list for 2016″…

  • I want to sell the extra stuff I have in my house…chairs, drapes, a GPS, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • I want to go down one filing cabinet. We have tree two drawer lateral files and 2 3 drawer lateral files. My plan is to get rid of a two drawer in my husband’s office.
  • I want to am going to lose 30 pounds! No I am not…I am going to eliminate carbs and sugar from my diet at least for January! I have to admit this is very realistic and restrained!
  • I want to get out of bed every day at 6:30 a.m. and have a miracle morning with lemon water, a little meditation a little gratitude and some yoga! So far, so good on this.
  • I want to get a new laptop, but need to make the big decision of what to migrate from my old computer. Migrate everything or start fresh? I am leaning towards starting fresh. What do you do?

On another note, January 11th is Clean Off Your Desk Day! This is an official holiday! Really, I’m not kidding. How are you going to celebrate it? I am going to go through a pile of paper that I have avoided for a while. It is time. I have noticed that I avoid my office when it is not in order and that it’s harder to focus. Keeping it clear will be a huge help.

pix.bagsSo far, I have purged my office, figured out a way to work with my organizing assistants so that we don’t have to use paper for our client interactions, already added a plant in my office (you know, I talked about just the other day) as well as a wealth corner on my desk for good office karma!

Since December 31st, I have 2 shopping bags of donations for Goodwill. I am feeling much better already!

What’s on your “Want List for 2016”?