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April 11, 2016
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Sometimes, people ask me what exactly does a professional organizer do. Well, besides the standard office or kitchen project, my team works on projects that require managing a lot of details… One project in particular (that has many details) is a home renovation.

Why an organizer during a home renovation?

  • team player_fdpBecause we help the homeowner get the best out of their new renovation or addition; while being there to support their needs before, during and after the completion of the project.
  • We can help the homeowner by advising on space usage, storage of goods, and accessing the things you need during construction.
  • We even work with the contractor in our client’s absence.

How did I get into it?

  • I studied design in college and worked on several construction projects in my retail career. Then I married a contractor!
  • I love the process, the work environment, and the craziness that comes along with these projects
  • Our experience helps our clients get through the process with less stress (I didn’t say no stress)

It is something that I have found myself doing since 2005 and love it! Here are some photos from the first renovation organization project we worked on.

What are the basic steps:eNews_time

  • Review client’s wish list for their renovation and give them some specifics even before they start to work with their architect
  • Review plans
  • Determine what will fit in the new space
  • Clean out, pack and inventory the existing space
    • Specific detail to minimal detail
    • So you can find things during construction
  • Set up temporary spaces for the client:
    • Here is a temporary pantry in a basement
    • Here is a temporary kitchen set up in a garage
    • Additional temporary spaces might be a portable closet, home office or family room
  • Organize and purge contractor staging area if it is going to be in your house or garage
  • Order things that will be needed for new space (hangers, office supplies, bins…)
  • Move back into the new space
  • Get temporary spaces and contractor staging areas back to the new normal
  • Of course managing the paperwork and samples that come along with a renovation or addition is crucial, especially since you are likely making capital improvements to your home

If you or a friend are renovating or adding to your house, let us know we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls.

Next week, we will start to discuss the various projects that we have worked on. Stay tuned!




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